Ashentree Court
Barbican Conservatory
Bartók, Béla
Beasley’s Yard
Bathing in the Lea (Blencowe)
Beasley’s Yard, Uxbridge
Benning, Ernest Bradley
Billingsgate Christian Mission
Billingsgate Market
Bishopsgate’s Library
Blake, Edward
Blencowe, George
Boat accident on the Thames (Benning)
Boat accident on the Thames (Cazaly)
Bolding & Sons, Grosvernor Works
Boy with dolphin
Bracken House
Bracken, Brendan
Buckingham Gate (number 20)
Building Centre (scale model)
Bunhill Fields
Bunyan and his publisher
Burst steam pipe (Griffin)
Casualty on the ward (Lucas)
Cattle troughs
Cazaly, Herbert Peter
Clare Market
Clarke, Edward Charles
Clayton, Robert
Cnihtengild, knight of the
Coade Stone factory
Coffee House (Garraway’s)
Cooke, Edward (‘weeping’ monument at St. Barts)
Craft/Croft, Frederic Alfred
Crown Court, Cheapside
Cruden, Alexander, the Corrector
Cutler’s Hall
Daily Express
Dairy Supply Company
Dolphin lampposts
Donovan, Ellen
Drowned on the Devon coast (Maconoghu)
Fire at Wick Road, Hackney (Funnell)
Fire in Lincoln Court (Donovan)
Fishmongers’ Hall
Foundling tokens
Funnell, George Stephen
Garraway’s Coffee House
Gate at the Royal Exchange
Gilmore, Isabella
Girl with dolphin
Green oasis 1 – Barbican
Green oasis 2 – St. Dunstan’s
Griffin, Thomas
Greathead, James Henry
Guy of Warwick
Hay’s Galleria
Heathcock Court
Heraldic shields
Honey Lane
Hop Exchange
Huddersfield Building Society
King Lud
Kingsland Road (number 53)
Knight of the Cnihtengild
Le May, hop merchants
Lucas, William Freer
Maconoghu, Herbert
Magpie Alley
Marchmont Street (foundling tokens)
Moravian Burial Ground
Northcliffe House
Old Billingsgate Market
Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Cattle Trough Association
Olde Mitre, Holborn
Oystergate Walk
Peabody, George
Phillip, Arthur (first governor of Australia)
Plimsoll Line
Postman’s Park (Benning)
Postman’s Park (Blake/Clark)
Postman’s Park (Blencowe)
Postman’s Park (Cazaly)
Postman’s Park (Craft/Croft)
Postman’s Park (Donovan)
Postman’s Park (Funnell)
Postman’s Park (Griffin)
Postman’s Park (Lucas)
Postman’s Park (Maconoghu)
Radiant House
Rawlins, William (tomb of)
Reading Room & Library (Billingsgate Christian Mission)
Royal Exchange
Run over by a train (Craft)
Romilly, Samuel
Salisbury Square (Waithman’s obelisk)
Scale model of London
Serjeant’s Inn
Sidney Estate
Skating on the ice (Blake/Clark)
Smith, Francis (Bunyan’s publisher)
South Bank Lion
St. Dunstan’s in the East
St. Katherine Docks
St. Mary’s clock tower
St. Paul’s Studios
Sydney, Australia
Talbot House
Torch extinguishers
Waithman StreetWaithman, Robert (obelisk)
Wakefield and Toc H
Watts Chapel
Weeping Monument of Edward Cooke at St. Barts
Whitefriars crypt
Willing House
Window Cleaner
Ye Olde Mitre, Holborn
Yorkshire in London (Huddersfield Building Society)
York Stairs

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